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This page contains links to our Kaypro II Microcomputer emulator...

One of the frequently asked questions is: "where can I sell/get/repair a Kaypro computer?" Unfortunately we do not buy, sell or repair these machines. If you are looking to buy or sell one of these machines you may want to try eBay, or similar. If you are looking to repair one of these machines, you may want to try one of the various newsgroups - comp.os.cpm comes to mind.

The goal for this CSI 426 project was to emulate a Kaypro II computer in Java, and provide access to the emulation via the internet.

We were tasked to create a Kaypro II emulator.  This included supporting documentation.

Along the way, we have gathered information concerning the Kaypro II itself.  This includes product brochures, technical information, and photographs.
We have also included links to some useful CP/M sites.  CP/M is the operating system used on the Kaypro II

Quick links:

Version 4.08 is here. Fixes problems with many browsers!

Documentation for the Kaypro II emulator
Actual implementation of the Kaypro II emulator
Useful CP/M sites
Download a copy of the Kaypro II emulator


Follow this link to the CCSC Presentation and slides for 1999 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference given by Joe Diethorn and Shannon Steinmetz.


This site may soon be mirrored (and possibly moved to) the Metropolitan State College site.  

The address was: http://csi.mscd.edu/VM/kaypro. This site is also scheduled to contain additional virtual machines by other Metro students.  The site never seemed to be created. Bummer.

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