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Project Goals
Kaypro II Brochure
Kaypro History
Kaypro II Memory Configuration


Here are links documenting the Kaypro II project itself:

Project Documentation (PDF Format):

Kaypro II Emulator Users Manual (for final version)
Requirements Definition
Requirements Specification
Detailed Design
Test Plan


  Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges (CCSC)

    Related documents and slides

    10/16/1999, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    (All Documents are all in PDF Format)

Paper: A Java Implementation of a Kaypro II Microcomputer System
Overhead Slides From Presentation


*A note about document confidentiality:

Most documents are marked "confidential" throughout.  This was the result of the document templates that were used to produce them.  Please feel free to print and copy the documents for academic and not-for-profit purposes.  Please reference and credit the design team.  Thanks!