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Kaypro Emulator w/Debug (Prototype)
Kaypro Emulator Final
Kaypro Emulator Final (No Sound)

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Sorry, Java has changed since the original implementation.

One of the weekend projects is to get this up & running again!

This page contains links to our Kaypro II emulators

*Note, this page was updated on 8/29/00.  Please read instructions.

Currently we have two versions: Prototype, and Final.  The prototype was a preliminary version of the emulator.  The final version represents a continued effort.  The final will be submitted at the end of the term.

Both versions require Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. Both have been tested with Explorer 5.0.  You will need the latest version of Netscape (Requires Java JDK 1.1.6 support).  Netscape is untested at this point. Each version loads in about 1 1/2 minutes at 28.8. 

The emulators have been updated recently and will operate under a wide variety of browsers.  If yours does not work, you may want to consider upgrading or trying another browser.

Also, if you have problems getting them to run, try both the prototype and final versions.  They are from different builds.  Where one may not work, the other may.

*Note:  It is the Java Virtual machine that is requires support of JDK 1.1.6.  The virtual machine may sometimes be upgradable (or downgradable) independently of the browser (true for Internet Explorer).  

Both versions allow the user to run at full speed, or single step mode.  The final version features: multiple windows, real video mode, and other enhancements.

If the emulation does not seem to be responding to keystrokes (once loaded), hit a button and try typing into the emulator again.  Confirm that breakpoints are disabled as well.
If that doesn't work, make sure that you are in run mode (mode button says "Run Mode"). 
The reset button restarts the machine
You can single step the emulator by entering the step mode.   Enter step mode by hitting the mode button (mode button will say "Step Mode"). Then use the STEP  button to single-step through machine code.   The code and registers can be viewed in the Data Window.
The latest prototype emulator update allows debugging in the standard applet screen
Both emulations support Printer operations.  When a Kaypro II encounters the <ctrl> P key sequence, it echoes the display characters to the printer port.   This port is simulated with the new Printer Window.  <ctrl> P returns the Kaypro II to normal mode.
All screens can now be cleared with associated buttons on the prototype.
An INT interrupt button has been added to the prototype.  It generates INT (maskable interrupts).   All modes of INT interrupt types are now supported
Errors are displayed to the Java console.  If you encounter problems, bring up your Java console for clues.


Please submit questions, bugs, fixes, or comments to me!