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This page contains links to download the Kaypro emulator you see online.  The emulator will run locally, and will load significantly faster.

Please feel free to download a copy of this emulator for your own private or educational use only.  Click below to download a zip version of all files needed to install and execute this emulator on your own PC or internet page.

Please credit these individuals if this emulation is used in a public manner:

Brandon Buist
Joe Diethorn
Jim Gilmer
Shannon Steinmetz
Hung To

Installation can be a little tricky.  The zip file includes a "readme" file that is helpful.  Also, please refer to the documentation section for a user manual.
Due to limited (day jobs) resources, we can not offer a technical support at this time.
The best bet is trial and error.  Java applets are sometimes tricky to get running, but determination usually prevails.  Good luck!

Click here to download zipped Kaypro II emulator


I am currently entertaining the idea of releasing the source to the public domain.  I feel this project may be useful to educators at all levels.  Please email me if you are interested.