Project Goals
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The purpose of this project is to create an emulation program for the Kaypro II microcomputer.  The project will be accomplished using good design, planning and implementation techniques.  These techniques were established in CSI 425.  CSI 426 (this class) will exercise those techniques.

The Kaypro II was a Z-80 based computer developed and distributed in the early 1980’s. It was a successor to the popular Osborne computer. The Kaypro II was considered portable. Weighing 26 pounds, it was, at best, "luggable." The Kaypro II was self-contained. It had a built-in display, keyboard and floppy disk drives. For its time, the unit was extremely useful.  In fact, Arthur C. Clarke was reported to have written 2010 on a Kaypro II. The Kaypro II used the popular CP/M operating system. It was a break-through computer, in that it was a basically a turnkey system.

This project will specify, design and develop a working Kaypro II emulator (we hope).

The emulator will be implemented in Java, as a Java applet.


Requirements Definition
Requirements Specification
Test Plan
Actual implementation and delivery and demonstration of Java applet.
Acceptance sign-off

The project will be completed during the Fall 1998 semester.